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My name is Horitatsu,and my tattoostudio is called "Dragon Tattoo"
The studio is located in the Tochigi Prefecture in Japan,about 2hours by train from Tokyo.
(and very near of the worldfamous mount Nikko and its temple.)
I have created my own style over the years,based on the traditional Japanese tattoo-art,combined with a lot of modern influences.
I have a lot of crazy ideas and I am always searching to make an original and unique design.
Most of my work is done by machine,but I it is possible to do small tattoo's by hand.
I speak very little English.
If you want a tattoo,send me an email with short and simple sentences,I will reply to you soon.
My Address:
Dragon Tattoo Studio japan Horitatsu
1290 roma bld 2F Nakamachi Kanuma-shi Tochigiken 322-0053 Japan.
My E-Mail Address : info@horitatsu.com
Many greetings and see you soon at the Dragon Tattoo Studio japan, Horitatsu